Welcome to MERELLO INGENIEROS S.L., company dedicated to the manufacture of special machines with innovative technology and design.


Due to our high automation, our products guarantee the minimum manufacturing costs, both materials and manpower, and the flexibility to cope production peaks. Technical support worldwide is direct through our global network of regional centers.


The beginning of a design is the purpose of the machine. This purpose consists in the execution of a series of tasks and efforts to obtain a manipulated product. MERELLO INGENIEROS has been designing machines for years that are responsible for performing tasks tirelessly and accurately. Our engineers are aware that the success of the machine depends on its demanding design and this entails a study and maximum understanding of the customer's needs and the quality and efficiency requirements sought.


Our machines have been built and tested to last. Whether they are moving or fixed parts, anchors or sliders, all parts have been assembled using techniques and materials designed to fulfill their mission in an effective and lasting way; minimizing wear and maximizing its function. It can be checked with the naked eye but it is demonstrated by the years that the machines are active. This robustness is not only in the material, it is also a quality of our software for its ability to perform control and execution functions without errors. We work so that our clients do not have to depend on any after-sales service, not even ours.


Accuracy in the result requires precision in execution. To be precise, MERELLO machines are designed and manufactured discarding any possible dispersion avoiding useless efforts or random effects. The measurements are checked again and again to place the components in the right place so that they execute their mission effectively with a fair and controlled use of resources and energy. Everything is suitable for the end of production that seeks an exact result through precise processing.

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