The fastest wrapper machine ME-105

The ME-105 machine pockets extra-fast mattresses and beds of any size with a perfect fit.


  • The bag is made from plastic rolls (PE), thickness from 50 to 200 microns.
  • Automatic adjustment of the width, height and thickness of the mattress.
  • High productivity: independent width adjustment in all phases of the machine allows it to work simultaneously with three mattresses and reach speeds of up to 5 cycles per minute.
  • Mattress measures: from 170x70x10 to 225x2250x50.
  • Cold welding,: highest quality, minimum consumption, ready to use from the first minute.
  • Lateral press. Detects the thickness of the mattress and applies the programmed pressure for further tightening of the bag.
  • Plastic cuts made by cold blade: free of maintenance, smoke or odors.
  • Reinforcing coil: motorized rollers to place additional plastic rolls.
  • Transistorized PLC control and touch screen that reports the status of the machine.
  • Variable speed drive in all engines to extend their life.
  • The machine can store 4 + 4 coils in work position.
  • Optional equipment: Double seal, stacker, crane lift for plastic coils,double cart for fast exchange of the film, double height, and assistance for light mattresses and toppers.

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