Mattress pressing and rolling machine

The ME-103: Industrial machine for pressing and rolling mattresses and toppers.



Our ME406 rolls pack mattresses and toppers with a higher quality and precision. Compared with other manufacturers, our machine allows continuous diameter change with torque control by servomotor, producing a constant strength in the mattress along all the process. The final diameter is programmed for each mattress between 25 and 50 cm. the output mattress is delivered ergonomically at 80 cm Additionally, the use of motorized rollers eliminates traction chains and allows independent movement at variable speed over the full range of diameters. The machine uses low cost stretching film

Optional equipment

  • Bag unit M3 (only for roll pack mattresses).
  • Bag unit M4 (for roll and standard packaging).
  • Electronic press 60 Ton. It presses progressive and programable, following the profile of the product.
  • Corner conveyor 90º, to select the destination of the mattress.
  • Folder and Turner unit, to reduce the pack size of big mattress.
  • Automatic film change (2 positions).
  • Motorized output conveyor 4 m, for storage and collection of finished mattress.