Pillow and quilts rolling machine

The ME-303 automatically coils and compresses pillows and, when the operator is ready, pushes them into a bag.

303 enrolladora manual de almohadas y edredones


  • It rolls pillows, comforters and similar products, and pushes them into a bag (fabric, plastic, PVC, zipper, …).
  • You get an attractive packaging for your products, and at the same time the product is compact and saves space.
  • Automatic cycle: reception of the piece on the conveyor belt, waits fot the end of the previous cycle, introduction, rolls and waits for the operator to extract the piece.
  • High production: up to 6 cycles per minute due to the waiting piece.
  • Measures of the piece: length up to 200 cm, width up to 65 cm (Option Extra Width, up to 80 cm)
  • Output diameters: 12, 15 and 20 cm (Option Extra Thick, 20, 25 and 30 cm).
  • Transistorized PLC control and touch screen that reports the status of the machine.
  • Variable speed drive in all engines to extend their life.