Pillow and quilts rolling machine ME-306 (new system ECO PAPER BAG)

306 enrolladora automatica de almohadas y edredones

The ME-306 machine rolls and packs pillows and quilts in polyethilene or paper bag


  • Automatic cycle: Manufactures the bag, capture, rolling, packing and sealing.
  • The bag is automatically made from polyethilene or paper roll of tube.
  • Measures: From 40×40 cm to 80×120 cm.
  • High quality bags, very esthetical and tight.
  • High reliability: cuts by blade, seals with double seam, minimum waste.
  • Extra fast and easy roll change by one person.
  • Transistorized PLC control and touch screen that reports the status of the machine.
  • Variable speed drive in all engines to extend their life.
  • Optional equipment: Photocell for centering logo, handle puncher, VideoJEt thermal printer