Pillow packing and filling machine ME-304

The ME-304 effortlessly bags pillows, quilts and similar products in cloth, plastic, PVC, zipper bags …


  • It also introduces easily the pillows stuffing : carded fiber, foam, latex, … (*).
  • Continuous cycle: the machine works without stopping and the operator waits for the arrival of the parts with the bag ready.
  • Automatic cycle: reception of the piece on the conveyor belt, waits fot the end of the previous cycle, introduction and waits for the operator to extract the piece. (*)
  • High production: up to 10 cycles per minute, due to the waiting piece.
  • Height adjustment for products with different thickness. Also available width adjustment (*).
  • Measures: length 150 cm, width 50 cm (*).
  • Variable speed drive in all engines to extend their life.


  • Kit to fill up pillows with carded fiber, with motorized lateral bands.
  • Input conveyor photocell: allows the machine to work in automatic cycle.
  • Width adjustment: allows to fill up bags and pillow cases with different widths.
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coming soon