Versatile high-performance thermoforming for
Atmospheric, flexible vacuum, skin, map or carto-skin packaging


MERELLO thermoforming machines are machines with an innovative and robust design that fully adapt to the specifications of each client. Constructed entirely of stainless steel to resist corrosive environments. It has components and chassis with a sanitizable design. They stand out for their versatility, durability and ease of use, as well as their energy efficiency, making them a profitable investment that, together with the appropriate consumables, make them the most sustainable and ecological packaging solution on the market.

Possibility of designing and configuring it for vacuum packaging with flexible films, modified atmosphere packaging (gas injection) with rigid films, Skin, SkinPlus, CARTO-skin… Our machines have a wide range of peripherals that will provide maximum automation and efficiency throughout the packaging process. Always adapted to the demands of each client and the needs of the product to be packaged.

Technical characteristics

Dimensions: 4691 x 2158 x 1056 mm
Weight: 2030 Kg
Maximum power: 18 kW
Pneumatic consumption: 8 liters/cycle at 6 bar
Maximum current: 48 amp (RMS)
Input voltage: 230V trif ±10% 50/60Hz
Connection: Ethernet bus
Production: 9 – 10 cycles/min

Tray height: 0 – 1000 mm
Maximum area: 100/650mm

(Varies according to customer specifications)